Mutt Nation Branded Flyer Review (Petmate)

Mutt Nation Branded Flyer
What It Is
The Mutt Nation Branded Flyer from Petmate is part of the Mutt Nation line of toys and gear by Miranda Lambert and Petmate.  It is used like a traditional frisbee.  The Flyer has a semi-rigid ring that is covered in a nylon material so it's easy on your dog's mouth.  This design is good for land and sea since the Flyer floats.  It's also pretty easy for fido to pick it up off the ground unlike solid plastic discs.
Is It Fun?
Changing up your fetch products is always more fun for your pooch.  Balls are great but sometimes a disc it a great option to break up the monotony.  The Mutt Nation Branded Flyer also floats so it can be used at the beach or a lake or pond.  Because of it's design this flyer is also easy for dogs to pick up off the ground. It's fairly easy to toss and flies and good distance.
Who It’s For
The Mutt Nation Branded Flyer is perfect for dogs that like to play fetch on land and in water.  This is a nice option to have in your car for unexpected fetch opportunities.  This is also a nice dog toy to give to Pet Parents that may be country or Miranda Lambert fans.
What To Be Aware Of
A portion of the proceeds from your purchase of the Mutt Nation Branded Flyer goes to Miranda Lambert's Mutt Nation Foundation.  This flyer can be used in bodies of water since it floats.  This is not a chew toy and should not be used as such.  Pet Parent Supervision is advised. Available in assorted colors.
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