WWE Divas Tug Review (Petmate)

WWE Divas Tug
What It Is
The WWE Divas Tug is part of the WWE Pet Collection from Petmate.This doggy tug toy is made from a durable, black canvas and is stylized to look like the WWE Divas Championship belt.  Each side of the replica WWE Divas belt has a handle so you and your dog can really get into a spirited game of tug-of-war or. If you have 2 dogs each can grasp a handle and face off to see which one gets the title. The WWE Divas are featured on the TV show Total Divas and Total Bellas.
Is It Fun?
The WWE Divas Tug is a durable tugger and can be used for spirited tug of war sessions between you and your dog, multiple dogs if you have more than one.  This type of tug promotes interactive play between you and your pooch. This would be a fun dog toy to have around your house if you are a WWE or Total Divas fan.
Who It’s For
The WWE Divas Tug is for any dog but especially for those that like to tug. This dog toy would also be appropriate for pet parents who are fans of the WWE or Total Divas TV Show.
What To Be Aware Of
The WWE Divas Tug is not a replica of the current WWE Women's Championship Belt.  Although durable, this toy is not a chew toy and therefore should not be left with dogs that are aggressive chewers
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