WWE Championship Tug Review (Petmate)

WWE Championship Tug
What It Is
The WWE Championship Tug is part of the WWE Pet Collection from Petmate.This doggy tug toy is made from a durable, black canvas and is stylized to look like the WWE Championship belt.  Each side of the replica WWE Championship belt has a handle so you and your dog can really get into a spirited game of tug-of-war or. If you have 2 dogs each can grasp a handle and face off to see which one gets the title. 
Is It Fun?
The WWE Championship tug is fun for both humans and canines since it encourages interactive play.  Most dogs need to burn off excess energy and there are few better ways to do this than a ruff game of tug of war. If you're a WWE fan nothing will bring a smile to your face faster than sitting down to watch Monday Night RAW and having your best furry pal reach into the toy box and bring over his championship belt to you.
Who It’s For
The WWE Championship Tug is for any dog but especially for those that like to tug. This dog toy would also be appropriate for pet parents who are WWE fans.
What To Be Aware Of
The WWE Championship Tug is not a chew toy therefore it should not be left with your pooch if he is a chewer. The Tug is a replica of the old WWE World Championship and not the current WWE Universal title belt. 
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