Trivial Pursuit X Review (Hasbro)

Trivial Pursuit X
What It Is

Hasbro Gaming's new Trivia Pursuit X is a new version of the classic trivia board game of Trivial Pursuit. Only the "X" means this is now an adults-only game. Like the original game, the categories remain the same: geography, entertainment, history, arts & literature, science & tech, and sports & leisure. The differences are there is no board in this version, and the topics, while still very much geared toward the intellectual player, can be things you wouldn't want your kids talking about. The game's "X" factor also refers to the X stamper it comes with. It's the kind of stamper you might get stamped on your hand before entering an event, only the purpose of this stamper has nothing to do with a VIP status or being of legal drinking age; it means you're wrong and serves as the dunce cap of a game.

The game begins with a roll of the dice by the player who "most recently did something they shouldn't have." You can roll one of three different symbols: Ask the person to your left, Skip the person to your left, or Choose any player you'd like to answer. The question master for the round then states the category at the top of the card and reads the question. If the player responding answers correctly, great job. If he or she gets it wrong, out comes the stamper, and an “X” is applied to that player's forehead. Whatever the outcome for that round, that player becomes the new question master for the next round. 

Unlike the original Trivia Pursuit, where the goal is to collect cards or tokens for each category to earn points, think of this as more of a Round Robin. As the direction state, this is isn't a game so much about winning as it is about not being a loser. Once a player is marked with five Xs, he or she is out of the game. Play can either continue until only one player is left standing, for longer gameplay and more stamping, or the game can end. 

Is It Fun?

Trivia games in general are great classic games to have in your arsenal for parties and get-togethers. But the "X factor", as we like to call it (stamping), is what sets this game apart and will make it a hit with your friends. Every group has that one friend who is gets a bit too competitive, so break this game out when he or she is around. Not only will it take the competitive edge off of gameplay, but a few stamps to the forehead will put them in their place. 

We also like that while some of the trivia questions are more risqué, they don't get crude, which can sometimes happen with adult party games.

Who It’s For
Trivia Pursuit X is not a kids' game, it's intended for adult audience only. In addition to having risqué content, we think the questions are also more geared toward millennial audiences and up because younger kids are too young, won't understand, or get the humor in it. 

This is again one of those games where you have to know your audience, too. While we don't think many will find this game offensive necessarily, it may make some individuals uncomfortable. Also, if you are going to play this game, you have to be open to getting your face stamped--there's a good chance it's going to happen and it takes a lot of the fun out of the game when people don't want to participate in that aspect of the gameplay. 

What To Be Aware Of
Remember to be kind and gentle when stamping your fellow losers (players). 

We did do some rigorous testing with the ink and don't worry, it does come off. However, we suggest using a good facial cleanser and/or scrub with a wash cloth to remove. But it will come off fairly easily if you do so.

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