Nerf N-Strike Walkie Talkies Review (Hasbro)

Nerf N-Strike Walkie Talkies
What It Is

Your next neighborhood secret mission is back on with the help with Nerf Walkie Talkies. This duo of walkie talkies can communicate up to 1000 feet and clip right onto your belt buckle or bag for hands-free mission time. The blue and gray color design with a pop of orange gives it a cool look. Textured grips make sure this stays in your hand and a flexible antenna won't get in your way when you are on the move. These toys will encourage creative play while also encouraging them to get outside. 

Is It Fun?
Kids will love going on exciting secret missions and being able to communicate with each other through radio signal. They can go on super cool missions, or set up strategies during their Nerf team battles. When not engaged in outside activity, kids can continue to experience the top-secret action by taking an individual walkie talkie home. On top of that, you can use the morse code button and adjust the volume to let your buddies know when your enemies are coming. This keeps the game going and further enhances the creative play and roleplay, which will boost your child's imagination.
Who It’s For
The Nerf N-Strike Walkie Talkies are for ages 5 and up or any young fans of Nerf, military, and spy toys. It's the perfect tool to help plan out your strikes in the more intense Nerf games or coordinate your missions during secret agent roleplay. There's not really a wrong way to play with the Nerf N-Strike Walkie Talkies as long as you use your imagination. Parents will also appreciate the fact that this will definitely get them out of the house and socializing with friends.
What To Be Aware Of
The Nerf Walkie Talkies requires two DC 9Volt batteries (one for each walkie talkie). These are not included. For maximum play, combine them with any Nerf blasters when you do battle to help plan ways to catch your foes by surprise and with the day. The Nerf N-Strike Walkie Talkies have a listening range of 1000 feet and feature adjustable volume, clip onto your clothes, and feature a morse code button to send signals to your allies. 
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