DC Super Hero Girls Headphones Review (Sakar International)

DC Super Hero Girls Headphones
What It Is

It's a super fun way to jam out to some tunes with the DC Super Hero Girls Headphones. These are a colorful pair of headphones featuring Supergirl, the leader of the DC Super Hero Girls squad. This set of headphones also features kid-safe technology that has a built-in volume limiter, which controls how loud songs will be for the kids. The headband is adjustable and padded ear cups make it comfortable for extended wear. These headphones are great for use anywhere, but are especially helpful when traveling.  

Is It Fun?
Once kids set these headphones on, they'll be immersed into their favorite songs while looking incredibly stylish thanks to the sleek Supergirl graphics. Kids will enjoy using these headphones just about anywhere from their bus ride to school to sitting at home while reading or playing video games. They're nice and comfy thanks to a foam padded ear cup design, and the volume limiter is a great idea. This way kids can have a safe listening experience while rocking out as much as they like, or they can crank the volume full-blast, giving them total control of their audio.
Who It’s For
The DC Super Hero Girls Headphones are for ages 3 – 9 and made by Sakar International. As kids in this age group begin listening to music, they're going to care more about the way their headphones look than audio quality (let's be honest, how many kids under 16 even know the word decibel, let alone what it means?) and this pair of headphones actually provides both. The graphics are sure to catch their eye right away and the high-quality full-range stereo sound is the icing on the headphones' super-cake. 
What To Be Aware Of
The DC Super Hero Girls Headphones feature Supergirl decorated, padded ear cups and an adjustable headband for extra comfort. They also provide high-quality full-range stereo sound to complement the neat look. Also included in the headphones design is a built-in volume limiter to control the volume levels during listening time. They perform well, look great, and are compatible with Apple and Android devices as well as standard MP3 players. Also available are Wonder Woman and Batgirl-themed headphones, which are sold separately.
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