Safari Animals Croquet Review (Plan Toys)

Safari Animals Croquet
What It Is
Even though the game originally started in London, everyone around the world can play croquet - and this set teaches kids how to play in a very fun way. Here we have the Safari Animals Croquet, a wooden outdoor toy that includes four animal safari balls, two wooden mallets and four wickets. Croquet balls with painted monkey, cheetah, elephant, and lion faces are all along for the fun. Parents can set the wickets up in any pattern they like in their yard or park. Once your game's set up, take the mallets out of the bag and put the ball of choice in front. Similar to golf, kids are encouraged to hit the ball right through the spaces in the wickets (rather than holes) to score points. 
Is It Fun?
A colorful and fun take on a classic game and international sport, this is a wonderful outdoor toy for the whole family. This game is not only great for encouraging kids to work on hand-eye movement, focus and coordination. It also helps reinforce motor skills and open-ended play. The bright colors and classic game play of this set make it a win, plus croquet is always fun, regardless of theme. 
Who It’s For
The Safari Animals Croquet is for ages 3 and up. Kids will love the exciting challenge of trying to hit the balls through the wickets. They'll also love being able to add their own difficulty to the game as well as the ability to frequently change their course. Parents will also find the croquet set to be a joy as they teach their kids the basics and have a blast playing. Since it includes multiple mallets, kids can play with their siblings, parents, friends, and even grandparents right out of the box.
What To Be Aware Of
The Safari Animals Croquet set by Plan Toys features four colorful animal balls, four wickets, two mallets, and a carrying bag to store everything. As with all Plan Toys toys, the Safari Animals Croquet set is made from sustainable rubber wood and coated with a non-toxic finish. The eco-friendly toy's colors are made from a safe vegetable dye. The game will teach kids hand-eye coordination, stimulate their motor skills, and encourage strategic thinking, cause and effect, and problem solving.
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