Agis M-AIR3/Aton 2 Travel System Review (Cybex)

Agis M-AIR3/Aton 2 Travel System
What It Is
The Cybex Agis M-Air 3 stroller and Aton 2 Travel System is a full travel system to take baby from birth through the stroller years. This is the Agis M-Air 3 stroller and Aton 2 infant car seat combined. The Agis M-Air 3 is lightweight with a five-point harness and a generous forward-facing seat. The recline of the seat gives baby a full recline when sleeping. It also includes an extra-large canopy in UVP 50+ to protect baby from the elements. The handlebar adjusts and a quick one-hand fold is a big help for parents on the go. The stroller weighs a light 16 pounds and the never flat, foam-filled rubber wheels include all-wheel suspension that can tackle any terrain. The Aton 2 car seat is a rear-facing infant car seat that weighs about nine pounds. 
Why Is It Useful?
Although it's super lightweight, that doesn't mean any of the safety features are spared. This infant car seat features an L.S.P. (Linear and Side impact Protection) system that takes the force of impact into the shell of the seat rather than the seat itself. The shell itself is an EPS foam lined shell and a removable infant insert helps parents with smaller babies. The seat itself is cushioned and soft to keep baby comfortable. A three-position handle with washable seat cushions makes this helpful for parents. Overall, we love this travel system. 
Who It’s For
Though the stroller and car seat not only feature top-notch safety details, the sleek look and light weight of both the stroller and car seat are a win for parents. The Cybex Agis M-Air 3 and Aton 2 Travel System from is for use from birth up to 55 pounds. The infant car seat is for infants four through 35 pounds.
What To Be Aware Of
We did find the one-hand fold to be a little bit bulky and not consistent. With that said, this is only a minor inconvenience and does not diminish our approval of this travel system one bit. The Agis M-Air 3 and Aton 2 Infant Car Seat are also sold separately, but clearly work very well together in this amazing combo.
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