ZeroShock Leash Review (EzyDog)

ZeroShock Leash
What It Is
The Ezydog Zeroshock leash is a dog lead with features that make it safer for you and your prized pooch. The first thing you notice is the folded almost bungie-like section of the leash. That is the Ezy dog shock-absorbing technology which softens any sudden pulling that may arise and minimizes any strain to a pet parent's arm or shoulder.  It also kind of retracts your pooch once your pal realizes he can go no further. The inside of the leash handle is cover in padded neoprene for comfort and there is an accessory ring for waste bags or anything else you need to clip to it. In addition Ezydog has what they call a built in traffic handle on the end of the leash closest to collar for those instances where you need total up close control of your dog and what I'll term as a quick control handle in case you need to shorten up the lead or reel fido in quickly due to excitement.   Also, like the Quick-Fit Harness the Zero Shock leash has reflective stitching and can easily be seen in the dark by oncoming vehicles.
Why Is It Useful?
We tested the Ezydog Zeroshock leash at a Fall Festival along with the Ezydog Quick Fit Harness and found the leash to be great at keeping our excited tester under control. The bungie-like portion of the leash does absorb shock to your arm and shoulder never have that instance of a violent yank by your dog.  It also provides enough resistance for your dog to know it needs to come back. We think this would be excellent as a tool to help unruly dogs learn their walking manners. Also, the lower portion of the leash has 2 more places for you to grab onto for complete control in a panic situation.  The leash's handle is padded for comfort with neoprene and the entire length of the leash has reflective stitching which is safer for night walks.
Who It’s For
The EzyDog Zeroshock leash is great for dogs who haven't quite mastered their "walking on the leash" manners since the bungee is always applying a little return pressure when they do tug.  This leash is also great for pet parents who might have shoulder and arm issues since its design provides shock absorption.
What To Be Aware Of
The EzyDog Zeroshock leash comes in 2 sizes, 25 inches and 48 inches, and 6 colors. 
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