Quick Fit Harness, Medium Review (EzyDog)

Quick Fit Harness, Medium
What It Is
The Quick Fit Harness from Ezydog is a dog harness that makes getting Fido ready for a walk simple for pet parents. The design of the Quick Fit and makes it easy to put on and take off after a one time fitting adjustment. You get the security of a harness with the ease of a collar. The harness is made from water resistant material with stainless steel hardware and the stitching is reflective along with the logo on the chest which makes this safe for walking at night.  
Why Is It Useful?
The Quick Fit Harness is very useful, especially if you have a dog that doesn't have great walking manners. Like other dog harnesses on the market, the Quick Fit keeps the pressure of the leash off of your dog's neck and transfers it to the chest and shoulder area. Unfortunately, pet parents are often discouraged by having to put a harness on their squiggly pup. The Quick Fit from Ezydog changes all that since it is simply made to put on and take off after a one-time fitting.
Who It’s For
The Ezydog Quick Fit Harness is perfect for any dog but especially those who pull on their leash since excessive pulling could result in neck or throat injury. This is also great for pet parents who may have hand issues that make putting on a regular harness difficult.
What To Be Aware Of
Pet parents will have to make a one-time adjustment so that the harness fits snugly. You will also have to follow Ezydog's sizing instructions before you order. This harness matches up well with the Ezydog Zeroshock leash, sold separately.
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