Pacifier Bracelet Review (DeepyDeepy)

Pacifier Bracelet
What It Is
Never be without a pacifier thanks to the DeepyDeepy Pacifier Bracelet. This must-have parent accessory can be worn on the wrist or attached to car seats and strollers thanks to its removable Velcro strap. This ensures that your baby always has a germ-free pacifier whenever he needs it. It also makes it easy for parents to go from room to room with their baby without worrying where the paci is when they need it. This doesn't come with a pacifier, but it does hold most pacifiers that are for 0–6 months. Simply insert the pacifier nipple into the opening on the Pacifier Bracelet, and then turn the pacifier 90 degrees to lock it into place. This keeps it clean and secure until you need it. The bottom of the Pacifier Bracelet opens up for easy cleaning, and it's dishwasher-safe. The Pacifier Bracelet is available in blue or pink.
Why Is It Useful?
This is one of those items where you think, “Do I really need this?” But once your baby is wailing and you realize you've forgotten to throw a paci into the diaper bag or you can't remember where in the house you last had the paci, then you'll understand why this accessory could be your best friend. Just don't forget to wear it or attach it somewhere or its purpose will be defeated. This is a great way to always have a pacifier with you, and it's a secure and germ-free place to store the paci when it's not being used. It's great for use at home or when you're out and about.
Who It’s For
The DeepyDeepy Pacifier Bracelet is to be worn by an adult. It is one size fits all and comes on a Velcro strap. It can hold pacifiers that are for babies ages birth–6 months.
What To Be Aware Of

Pacifiers are not included with this bracelet, but it can be used with most pacifiers for babies from birth–6 months.

The Pacifier Bracelet is dishwasher-safe.

The company also makes Pacifier Nipple Protectors that cover a loose pacifier's nipple, keeping it secure and germ-free. These are good if you don't necessarily want to wear a pacifier as a bracelet. And they make a Dual Pacifier Holder that attaches to the handle of a car seat, stroller, or diaper bag so that you always have two germ-free pacifiers with you when you're on the go. All of these products are sold separately.

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