Call of Duty MQ-27 Stunt Drone Review (DGL Toys)

Call of Duty MQ-27 Stunt Drone
What It Is

Fly around like you're in Call of Duty with the Call of Duty MQ-27 Stunt Drone quadcopter. The first thing you'll need is three AA batteries. After you install them you'll have to charge this. The first time charging is about 40 minutes. Then, you need to read the instructions and learn to fly. You'll need to sync the quadcopter. Then, when flying you have the ability to forward, back, left, and right. 

There's also some great tricks to this quadcopter. First of all, there's a “headless mode.” What that means is whatever direction you have the quadcopter facing in correlation to the remote, it will automatically move in (for example: If you press forward, it will go forward in correlation to the remote). You also have something called “one-key return.” Press this button, and it will return the quadcopter towards the controller. Then you have the stunt button for flips and rolls. 

Is It Fun?
First of all, the drone looks like it's straight out of the Call of Duty games and poised to rain down an air strike on your unsuspecting foes. It maneuvers well and responds pretty accurately to the controls. An interesting touch, the quadcopter's R/C looks like an Xbox One controller. The flips and barrel rolls are pretty neat, and kids and adults are going to enjoy having this cool drone perform them. The MQ-27 also sports a sleek camo finish that helps it stand out from other quad drones and blend in with your surroundings.
Who It’s For
This is age-graded 14 and up and is from DGL Toys. This is an excellent drone for fans of drones, military vehicles, and Call of Duty gamers. It's also not very difficult to master and it's variety of modes are fun to watch and control. Adults are also going to enjoy taking part in flying this drone around. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Call of Duty MQ-27 Stunt Drone quadcopter comes with a rechargeable battery, but it's remote requires three AA batteries. The drone's first charge takes up to 40 minutes. Also included with the MQ-27 Stunt Drone is a screwdriver, USB charger, and an extra set of propellers. It can fly up to 150 feet from the R/C.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AA batteries required