Wooly Snuffle Mat Review (Paw5)

Wooly Snuffle Mat
What It Is

We often talk about the importance of nurturing your pooches natural foraging instincts with puzzle toys that offer a task and food reward, and the Wooly Snuffle Mat from Paw 5 perfectly recreates the experience of a dog hunting and scrounging for food in grass or a fields.

It's really simple to use. Just pour kibble or treats in the the nap of the mat and then watch as your furry pal paws, sniffs, and nudges his way to a delectable mouthful. Most experts agree that dogs prefer to earn or win their food so in a way, the Wooly could help your dog's self-esteem.

Every Wooly is hand-made from recycled materials at a woman owned and operated progressive facility in rural Thailand where they support rural family life by allowing their staff to work from home, or enroll their children in free on-campus daycare. Apparently, they take the scrap cuts from the textile industry in Thailand, thoroughly rinse and clean them, and then hand-sew them into their patent-pending Wooly! The Wooly is machine-washable. Although we didn't have the mat long enough to test for durability, Paw5 claims that the hand-stitching makes the Wooly very durable.

Is It Fun?

Dogs love to earn and win their food and treats and the Wooly Snuffle Mat gives them the task and reward stimulation they need for good mental health.

Who It’s For

The Wooly Snuffle Mat is for any dog, but especially for those that enjoy puzzle toys and treat dispensing toys. We feel the Wooly would also be good for dogs that eat too quickly, causing digestion issues.

What To Be Aware Of

The Wooly Snuffle Mat is made from recycled material.

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