Rattle Socks Review (Waddle)

Rattle Socks
What It Is
Shake up baby's rattle routine with Waddle Rattle Socks. Each pair of comfy socks, which fit baby's feet from birth to 12 months, has a rattle attachment on the front that is designed to aid in developing sensory skills through sound and touch. Every time baby kicks, the socks will make a rattling sound. The bottoms of the socks have the Waddle logo as a non-slip gripper. And parents won't have to worry about these socks falling off because these soft and stretchable socks stay on baby's little feet. The Rattle Socks come in a variety of designs for boys and girls, including socks with fluffy pom-poms, baseballs, and trucks as the rattle attachment. Plus there are gender-neutral designs and holiday designs with reindeer and Christmas tree rattle attachments. You get two pairs of socks in one package, and each package is sold separately.
Why Is It Useful?

Rattles are a great way to help baby develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus, that rattling sound is a lot of fun for baby to hear. And with the Waddle Rattle Socks, any time baby kicks his legs around, he's going to hear that rattling sound, which can be a nice way to introduce him to cause and effect as he comes to understand that kicking produces the rattling. And unlike other rattle socks we've heard, the Waddle Rattle Socks have a really nice audible rattling sound. These might even encourage baby to continue kicking and moving around. The sensory rattle attachments on these socks allow infants to learn and grow from sound and touch.

Who It’s For
The Waddle Rattle Socks can be worn by babies ages birth to 12 months. The sensory rattle attachments on these socks allow infants to learn and grow from sound and touch. These socks would make a nice baby shower gift for new parents.
What To Be Aware Of

These socks can be machine-washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. You can also dry them in the dryer on low.

The Waddle Rattle Socks range in price from $20–$24 depending on the sock design. All of the socks are available for purchase at www.waddleandfriends.com.

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