LEGO Creator Vacation Getaways Review (LEGO)

LEGO Creator Vacation Getaways
What It Is

What kind of vacation would your LEGO minifigures like? Give them options with the 792-piece LEGO Creator Vacation Getaways construction set, model number 31052. Like all LEGO Creator sets, this one is a three-in-one build, allowing kids to build three different models (one at a time) to allow their LEGO minifigures to have three different vacations. The main model is a camper with a trailer, motorboat, and lots of fun surprises. The exterior of the camper features a space for a skateboard and a ladder, plus a roll-out canopy on the side. There's also an opening and closing door, and real rolling wheels. The top of the camper is where the table and chairs are stored. These have hinged features so that LEGO builders can fold down table legs and fold up the backs of the chairs. And to cook pretend LEGO food, the roof stores a removable fold-out grill.

To get to the interior of the camper, simply remove the roof or the windshield, or open up the rear portion. Inside there is a toilet, a fold-up bed, a kitchen, a sofa, a TV, and luggage.

Along with the camper, kids also get to build a trailer with motorboat that attaches to the back of the camper, two trees, and a poseable bear figure. The set also comes with two minifigures, and a variety of accessory elements, including sandwiches, fish, cups, and a map.

But that's not all! The pieces can be rebuilt into a two-story summer home with SUV or a yacht. The building instructions for all three models are included in the instruction booklet.

Is It Fun?
No matter which model LEGO builders choose to build, they'll find a lot of great detail in each one. And LEGO fans will enjoy discovering the fun features and details as they build and play. There is so much opportunity for different building and imaginative play experiences in just this one set. This set has a lot of playability for younger LEGO fans, but any of the models would also look great on display for an older collector.
Who It’s For
The LEGO Creator Vacation Getaways construction set is for ages 9–14. It's got a lot of pieces and some detailed building, which is why it's for a slightly older LEGO fan. It will also be a lot of fun for fans of the LEGO Creator line and builders who like the imaginative play that they get from building and playing with LEGO.
What To Be Aware Of
It took TTPM's Master Builder two hours to put this construction set together, and the instructions were easy to follow. You can only build one model at a time, so if you build the yacht and then want to build the summer home, you'll need to take apart the yacht.
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