Creativity for Kids Handmade Charlotte Kids Backpack Cutie Fruities Review (Creativity for Kids)

Creativity for Kids Handmade Charlotte Kids Backpack Cutie Fruities
What It Is

New from Creativity for Kids are the Backpack Cutie Fruities! The Backpack Cutie Fruities are colorful pom poms that you can make yourself. The designers of this DIY kit are Handmade Charlotte Kids and they are a creative workshop founded by the designing duo, Jonathan and Rachel Faucett. The Backpack Cutie Fruities comes with easy to follow instructions that walk you through the creation of the clips. Once you've finished your creation, attach your Cutie Fruitie to your backpack and hit the road. One set makes three DIY Pom Poms and each set includes one Pom Pom Maker, thirty yards of yarn, three plastic backpack clips, an assortment of green felt leaves, one Yarn Threader, and a sheet of instructions.

Is It Fun?

The Backpack Cutie Fruities are a simple design project that gives kids a fun takeaway. Kids of any arts and crafts skill or comfort level can make these pom poms. The instructions are simple and easy to follow along with. With the Backpack Cutie Fruities, make your pom pom as extravagant or as simple, as big or as small as you like. Complete creative control belongs to you with this do-it-yourself kit. Mix and match the yarn for more colorful looks!

Who It’s For

Kids ages 6 and up who are arts and crafts lovers will be interested in figuring out how to make these handmade pom poms. Kids who like to create and work with their hands will definitely enjoy making the Backpack Cutie Fruities. Future fashion designers who like to customize backpacks, purses, or lunch bags will take pride in creating and displaying their handcrafted Backpack Cutie Fruities.

What To Be Aware Of

One thing to be aware of is whenever the instructions instruct you to tie or cinch the yarn, be sure to tie it tight and double knot it. Or else you run the risk of your Backpack Cutie Fruities unraveling! Also, some of the creative process includes using scissors to cut yarn. Adult supervision might be needed when cutting the yarn from the Pom Pom Maker.

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