I Am Bear Puzzle Review (Madd Capp Puzzles)

I Am Bear Puzzle
What It Is
Here's a new way to mount an animal head on your wall: a puzzle in the shape of an animal head! That's the premise of the new I Am line of puzzles, which features a variety of different 550-piece puzzles all in the shape of animal heads, such as a tiger, a lion, a wolf, and a bear. The I Am Bear puzzle measures 27 inches by 27 inches once complete and gives puzzlers a photo-realistic bear head that they can glue together, frame, and mount on their wall for display. But while they are putting the puzzle together, kids can also learn some fun facts about bears. The puzzle comes with a photo guide to help you figure out where to put the pieces, but on the other side of the guide are fun facts. Did you know that Black Bears have poor eyesight? Reading about bears while putting together the puzzle adds some science learning to the play.
Is It Fun?

The finished I Am Bear puzzle looks really cool, and we definitely think it's one that puzzlers will want to glue together and frame for display. It's a very large puzzle, kind of like a poster, so it would look good hanging in an animal lover's bedroom. And kids who like bears will also enjoy reading the fun facts about the bears and learning something new as they put together the puzzle. Because there are so many puzzle pieces, you will need some patience to complete the puzzle, but we think that as long as you enjoy putting puzzles together, you'll enjoy taking the time to put together this one. Plus, it could be a fun family activity.

Who It’s For
The I Am Bear puzzle is for ages 8 and up. Kids and adults who are animal lovers and who like to put together puzzles will enjoy the challenge of assembling this cool-looking puzzle. And parents will appreciate that it includes bear fun facts to encourage kids to learn about animals.
What To Be Aware Of

Because this comes with 550 pieces and most of those pieces look like the same color, it's going to take several hours to put this puzzle together. Luckily, that is all part of the fun of puzzles! So as long as you enjoy the process of puzzles, you'll enjoy this one.

The other I Am puzzles include I Am Wolf, I Am Tiger, and I Am Bear, and each of those 550-piece puzzles is sold separately.

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