I Am Wolf Puzzle Review (Madd Capp Puzzles)

I Am Wolf Puzzle
What It Is

The I Am Wolf puzzle will have you howling for more. That's because this 550-piece puzzle is part of a new line of puzzles that are shaped like the heads of animals. So once you put together the I Am Wolf puzzle, you have a uniquely shaped wolf head puzzle. The finished puzzle is 24 inches by 32 inches, so it's a rather large puzzle that would look nice glued together, framed, and hung on a wall. Kind of like a poster. 

But the puzzle isn't just about the puzzle. There's an image guide to help you out as you put together the pieces, or you can turn it over to read some fun facts about wolves and add a little science learning to the puzzle play. For instance, did you know that a wolf's sense of smell is 100 times greater than a human's?

Is It Fun?
We really like this new puzzle line of animal puzzles because the finished puzzles look so cool. It may take some time to put together the I Am Wolf puzzle, but you could enlist family and friends to help out, making it a nice group activity. And the results are worth the time it takes. We think you'll definitely want to glue this puzzle together, frame it, and hang it to show off your handiwork. This would make a nice addition to a kid's bedroom.
Who It’s For
The I Am Wolf puzzle is for ages 8 and up, and will appeal to any kid who is an animal lover and a puzzle lover. It's going to be a fun activity for the whole family to do together, but just remember that everybody is going to need patience because it takes awhile to put this puzzle together.
What To Be Aware Of

This puzzle has 550 pieces and some of the colors on the pieces look very similar, so this is going to take you several hours to put together. But luckily, putting a puzzle together is part of the fun of puzzles!

The other I Am puzzles in the line include I Am Tiger, I Am Lion, and I Am Bear. Each one also comes with 550 pieces and is sold separately.

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