Safe Paw Ice Melter Review (Gaia Enterprises, Inc.)

Safe Paw Ice Melter
What It Is
Safe Paw, from Gaia Enterprises, is a granulated, non-toxic, non-corrosive Ice Melter that is safe for pets.  RockSalt or Halite or some of those other de-icers on the market can potentially poisonyour pets and have adverse effects on their paws and here's why.  When you take any product that containsSodium Chloride or salt and add water, it produces a chemical reaction that canliterally burn your pets paws if you they get a piece of salt and snow increvices of their paws.  The heat canreach 175 degrees.  Safe Paw stays cool to the touch even after adding water.  Safe Paw is also safe if accidentally ingested by your pets.  It also melts effectively in temperatures as low as -2 degrees .  Most other ice melting agents begin to lose effectiveness at about +20 degrees.  It is also colored green so that it's visible when spread on snow and ice.  Consumers won't overuse the product because they can see the coverage easily.
Why Is It Useful?
Safe Paw is useful as a melting agent for ice and snow in temperatures as low as -2 degrees.  But it's also non-corrosive and non-toxic making safe for your pets, plants, and patio or driveway.  Safe Paw is also colored green so the user can see exactly how much of the product is being used without waste.
Who It’s For
Safe Paw is for any Pet Family that live in a cold environment with harsh weather. 
What To Be Aware Of
Unlike Salt products, Safe Paw will not damage lawns, plants or contaminate well water and water supplies. Safe Paw is guaranteed not to permanently discolor brick pavers, stones, asphalt, concrete and wood decking. When tracked inside,it will not harm or damage rugs, carpets, and wood floors.
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