Official Elf Kit Review (North Pole Kids Club)

Official Elf Kit
What It Is

Santa needs some help and is recruiting junior elves! Help him out with the North Pole Kids' Club Official Elf Kit. This kit comes with everything kids need to become a certified Santa's junior elf, which means they'll help Santa on Christmas Eve and do fun activities and spread holiday cheer all season long. You get an elf hat (in either green or pink), a magic key, a signed letter from Santa, a 64-page illustrated handbook and Finley's Christmas Adventure story, an official membership card, an elf certificate, and an activity book.

Once you get your Official Elf Kit, you're on your way. Open up the kit and read about how to be a North Pole Kid through the handbook, which also includes the story of the first North Pole Kids in the story Finley's Christmas Adventure. Then, earn your official elf hat by doing festive activities. There are a lot of ideas in the handbook under the categories of Be Helpful & Nice, Family Time, Recipes, Arts & Crafts, Entertain, and Traditions. Each activity you complete bumps you up a level on your Elf Meter chart. On Christmas Eve, help prepare the house for Santa's visit by writing a note to Santa, leaving a snack for Santa, setting out the Magic Reindeer Food you made, and hanging Santa's magic key on your door so that Santa knows to stop at your house. (After Santa uses the key, he'll hang it on your Christmas tree.)

All of those activities will fill your Elf Meter to the top, making you a junior elf. In subsequent holiday seasons, you can complete activities and help out on Christmas Eve to earn higher elf rankings, such as toymaker elf, gingerbread elf, reindeer elf, and Finley's assistant.

Is It Fun?
If your family is looking for a new Christmas tradition, then the North Pole Kids' Club might be just what you're looking for. This is a really cute way to get kids more involved in the holiday season. Instead of just looking at (and looking out for) an elf on the shelf, kids get to be the elf! They'll have fun completing different activities in order to earn the coveted junior elf title. And what's really nice is that there are a variety of activities to choose from, so kids can pick ones they like and parents can pick ones that work best for their family. This is a nice way for parents and kids to play together and create some new holiday memories.
Who It’s For
The North Pole Kids' Club Official Elf Kit is for ages 4 and up. It will be most fun for kids who love holiday fun, can't wait for Christmas, and still believe in Santa.
What To Be Aware Of
If you have two kids, you can purchase one Official Elf Kit that comes with two hats for $34.95.
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