Tinklink Santa Gnomlin 16-inch Review (Aurora)

Tinklink Santa Gnomlin 16-inch
What It Is
Everything about The Gnomlins is big, including their love of Christmas! Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with the 16-inch Tinklink Santa Gnomlin, a super-soft plush toy that is part of Aurora's The Gnomlins toy line. The Gnomlins are five wizened guys with colorful and oversized hats, noticeable noses, and equally prominent fluffy white beards. You get all of those features with the 16-inch Tinklink Santa Gnomlin who is dressed up in a red outfit just like the jolly big guy. Instead of a typical gnome hat, this gnome wears a floppy red santa hat with a white pom pom on the end. Lift up on the front of the hat a little bit to reveal Tinklink's eyes. Along with floppy arms and feet, this plush toy does sit up on its own, and it's hangtag has space for writing “to” and “from”, which makes this a very giftable toy.
Is It Fun?
Some families like giving kids stuffed animals or plush toys every holiday, and this large, soft, and cute little Santa-themed gnome would make a great option this year. The Tinklink Santa Gnomlin is really soft and huggable, make it a fun cuddly buddy at bedtime or naptime as well as a fun playtime buddy for lots of imaginative roleplay. And for adults who like collecting holiday-themed stuffed toys, we think Tinklink Santa Gnomlin would also make a cute addition to the holiday décor.
Who It’s For
The Tinklink Santa Gnomlin is for ages 3 and up. It will make a fun holiday gift for kids who celebrate Christmas and often receive a new stuffed animal or plush toy every year. Kids will like fluffing up Tinklink's beard and giving him lots of hugs around Christmas or all year-round. We think that even adults who collect Christmas plush will like adding this to their collections and to their holiday décor.
What To Be Aware Of

Other sizes of the Tinklink Santa Gnomlin include 7.5 inches, 11 inches, and 28 inches. Each one is sold separately.

The Gnomlins line also includes other non-holiday-themed gnome characters in varied sizes, and each one of those plush toys is also sold separately.

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