Tether Tug Large Review (Tether Tug)

Tether Tug Large
What It Is

The Tether Tug is a hands free dog toy that never gets tired of playing tug of war with your canine kid. Born from the desire to give their three-legged rescue dog Lizzy as much playing time as was desired, the makers of Tether Tug constructed a prototype which was derived from a broken fishing pole and a knotted rope. As they say the rest is history. The current version is handmade in the USA and comes with a steel base that needs to be driven into the ground. The fiberglass pole is inserted into the base and then a knotted rope with a carabiner clip is attached to a loop on the the pole. Since the fiberglass pole takes the place of your arm and shoulder, your dog can play to it's heart's delight without any harm to a Pet Parent's arm or shoulder. Pet Parents can keep play interactive by teasing their pooches with the rope or dashing around the pole.

Is It Fun?

Pet Parents usually get tired in a tug-of-war game before their canine kids do. That's because their arms and shoulders are usually hurting. Especially if they are Pet Parents that are younger or older. The Tether Tug will always outlast your hound and allow him to shake, pull and spin his excess energy out of his system. The shaking and pulling also allows dogs to mimic instincts they've inherited from their wolf ancestors, in this case the breaking down captured prey.

Who It’s For

There is a Tether Tug for any size dog. Each size is determined by weight. The Large size we tested is for dogs from 35-60 lbs. This is also great for pet parents with shoulder, arm or hand issues that still want to enjoy playing with their dogs.

What To Be Aware Of

There different sized Tether Tugs from extra-large dogs to puppies. The sizes are determined by weight so choose the correct size for your dog. There are accessories available like a ball and rope combo. We attached our a favorite plush toy of our tester to the knotted rope and that really got him going. Tether Tugs are handmade in the USA. This toy can only be used outdoors. Although they do not have a warranty, Tether Tug will replace any items that are defective within a reasonable amount of time. Chewed up is not considered defective.

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