LEGO Ninjago Titanium Ninja Tumbler Review (LEGO)

LEGO Ninjago Titanium Ninja Tumbler
What It Is
Get ready to battle some Nindroids with the LEGO Ninjago Titanium Ninja Tumbler. No, this set isn't made out of actual titanium, but it is a reference to Zane's battle-ready vehicle, the Titanium Ninja Tumbler (TNT for short). It took our LEGO builder roughly one hour to construct this set. 

Once constructed, the buildable vehicle has multiple features to bring the world of LEGO Ninjago to life. The vehicle features two hidden spring-loaded missiles at the front, stud shooters, and a detachable prison to capture any pesky Nindroids that get in your way. 

Detach Zane's flyer to attack the Nindroids as they fight back with their own brick-built jet packs and swords. 

Is It Fun?
Once constructed, the buildable vehicle has a lot of great features for roleplay and reimagining the world of LEGO Ninjago. 
Who It’s For
The LEGO Ninjago Titanium Ninja Tumbler is for ages 7 and up from LEGO. It will  especially appeal to LEGO Ninjago fans that are already captivated by the storyline. With an average hour of build time, it's also a great option for kids that enjoy construction play and post-build imaginative play. 
What To Be Aware Of
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