Buddy Balls Landry Review (Creative Toy)

Buddy Balls Landry
What It Is

It's a ball, it's a bear, it's both! 

Buddy Balls are a soft toy that unzips to reveal a very special friend. Each of these balls are great for playing around with, but when you need a soft friend, you can unzip the ball to discover a stuffed teddy bear! Landry is a bright pink and orange beach ball that unzips to become a cute 16-inch cream colored teddy bear. Once you transform these balls into the teddies, you can store toys or goodies in their zipped compartment. Each teddy also features an embroidered ball on their foot, which features the same color as the ball they become.

Is It Fun?
The beach ball bear Landry is adorable, cuddly, and makes a great storage compartment for all your favorite toys and accessories. Kids are going to love the cute nature of the Buddy Balls and their charming shapes, colors, and transformation features. One of the most interesting things about the Buddy Balls is that they were created by a kid. These toys are great for open-ended play and kids will love collecting them or using them as decorative bed pillows. The storage capabilities are also a nice touch as the take-along aspects now have more of a purpose.
Who It’s For
Buddy Balls are machine-washable and for ages 3 and up. Kids will want to bring their Buddy Balls with them everywhere, and will probably wind up falling asleep with them on long drives due to their soft nature, which parents will also appreciate. Landry is a pretty large bear, which ends up making for a great pillow. It's wonderful for children and teddy bear fans everywhere. Parents are going to admire the cute features of the Buddy Balls and their cool storage functions as well. 
What To Be Aware Of
Thanks to a zipper in the back, the Buddy Balls Landry transforms from a 16-inch cream colored teddy bear to a soft beach ball. Kids can also store their favorite toys and accessories in the Buddy Balls due to ample room inside. The bears also feature an embroidered ball on their foot that matches the color scheme of the ball they transform into. Landry can be combined with additional Buddy Balls such as Bo, which are each sold separately. 
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