The Lion Guard Series 3 Collectible Mini Figures Review (Just Play)

The Lion Guard Series 3 Collectible Mini Figures
What It Is

There are a lot more Lion Guard characters to collect and play with in The Lion Guard Series 3 Mini Collectible Figures lineup. This new wave of mini collectible figures includes 12 character figures, including the rare copper Fuli. Collect all-new characters from the show as well as new poses for some of your favorite characters. Each figure comes packaged in a blind bag, which means you won't know which one you're getting until you open the bag. And each figure is sold separately.

In this collection, there is Bunga the honey badger who is part of The Lion Guard; Dogo the jackal pup; Ono the egret who is also part of The Lion Guard; Battle Janja the hyena; a hyrax, a furry brown animal that climbs trees and rubs itself with snakeskin so that snakes won't eat them; Thurston the zebra; Ushari the Egyptian Cobra; Battle Fuli the cheetah and member of The Lion Guard; Timon, the classic meerkat character from The Lion King who also appears in The Lion Guard; Roaring Kion, the main character of The Lion Guard who is also the son of Simba and Nala from The Lion King; Reirei the jackal who is the mother of Dogo; and the rare copper figure of Fuli the cheetah.

Is It Fun?
These collectible mini figures will be a lot of fun for preschool fans of The Lion Guard to collect and play with. Kids will like the surprise of not knowing which figure they're getting, which really adds to the collectability. They can trade with friends for the figures they need to round out their collection of all 12 or just collect their favorite characters. Kids will like playing out favorite scenes from the show or imagining all-new adventures with these figures. Plus, they look really nice on display. For kids who have already been collecting The Lion Guard mini figures, this new wave will allow them to add even more to their collections. They'll like the mix of new poses for favorite characters and figures of all-new characters in series 3. 
Who It’s For

The Lion Guard Series 3 Collectible Mini Figures are for ages 3 and up. These mini figures will be a lot of fun for fans of the Disney Junior series The Lion Guard. They'll like collecting all-new characters and all-new figures of some of their favorite characters in this wave. Collect favorites, trade with friends, keep the figures on display, and engage in lots of imaginative storytelling with these collectible Lion Guard figures.

What To Be Aware Of

Each The Lion Guard Series 3 Collectible Mini Figure is sold separately.

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