Fisher-Price Classics Chatter Telephone Review (The Bridge Direct)

Fisher-Price Classics Chatter Telephone
What It Is
The Fisher-Price Chatter Phone from The Bridge Direct is a classic, retro toddler toy of the past that's making a comeback. Forget about cellphones and even push-button landline phones, this Chatter Phone is a classic rotary dial phone. The smiley-faced phone features a bright happy expression that makes it welcoming and engaging for children. Details include the classic Fisher-Price logo on the sides and back as well as a rainbow of colors for each rotary digit on the top dial. As kids pretend to dial up friends and family with their first phone, a bell with ring as they dial each digit. The red receiver is tethered to the phone by a sturdy yellow cord. It also features a black cord at the front and bright blue wheels so kids can pull it along as they explore. The phone also makes a wind-up noise as it's pulled along.
Is It Fun?
While the original phone was designed to teach kids how to use a phone, this one doesn't serve that purpose with today's modern tech, but it's still a classic all the same. It's a toy that's sure to inspire a lot of imaginative and exploratory play as kids tote around their Chatter Phone. And for today's parents and grandparents what makes this version so special is that unlike the newer versions of this toy--this model has all same memorable details, retro colors, and designs as the original. 
Who It’s For
The Fisher-Price Chatter Phone is for ages 1 and up from The Bridge Direct. Its retro look and nostalgic qualities will appeal to gift givers, parents, and grandparents that have fond memories playing with the original Chatter Phone.
What To Be Aware Of
The Bridge Direct offers a full lineup of classic Fisher-Price toys that have been repackaged for today's kids with all the details today's parents remember from their own childhoods. This includes an updated model of the Fisher-Price Chatter Phone.
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