Ozobot Evo Review (Evollve)

Ozobot Evo
What It Is
Your own social robot come to life. When we first reviewed the Ozobot Starter Pack, we loved it. Just like any kids, we were immediately drawn in by how cute the little golf ball–sized robot was, and how naturally the lessons progressed until almost unaware, even young children were programming their real-life avatar. Now Ozobot has upped their game by making this little guy more social, more easily programmable, and, for our money, a lot more fun--starting with the packaging. Complete with little compartments that slide out and space-conscious storage for everything Ozobot needs, the experience is kind of magical. 
Is It Fun?
Assemble the nine-piece maze and watch your Ozobot navigate and respond to the color-coded dots. Then use the included markers to create your own courses for your bot to trace along. The real fun comes when you pair Ozobot Evo with the smart device app, then you can control it like a regular R/C toy and even easily program his movements, lights, and sounds using the Ozoblockly website. This adds a whole new dimension to the Ozobot universe, and even more interactive play.
Who It’s For
The app-empowered Ozobot Evo is for ages 8 and up. As kids get more creative, the Ozobot will continue to amaze them as it becomes more interactive during play. The game-changing robot will also encourage Ozobot users to connect, explore, collaborate, and share their Ozobot creations. Once they log their social robot onto the website, they can share their ideas with fellow Ozobot owners all over the world.
What To Be Aware Of
Unfortunately, we were only sent one Ozobot Evo, but apparently your Ozobot will also interact and do battle with other nearby Ozobots as well as message other ones from around the world. This is all according to the packaging, so we guess we're going to have to spring for one of our own to see how it really works. The Ozobot Evo runs for up to more than 50 minutes of playtime and includes one Ozobot, one playfield, an Ozoskin, four color-code markers, one carrying pouch, a USB charging cable, and quick start instructions.
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