Sky Viper s1700 Stunt Drone Review (Skyrocket Toys)

Sky Viper s1700 Stunt Drone
What It Is
This is one of the best, new drones that we've flown. Thanks to advances in technology in one short year, this dramatic drone delivers high performance and great value. Charge up the included lithium ion battery, and you're ready to go. The drone features auto launch and auto hover, making it easy to get it going. One-touch stunts put you in command. The included gyroscope and six-axis stabilization makes this stable in flight, which both novices and experienced drone fliers will certainly appreciate. But don't worry about crashing as you're earning your flight experience! The body is extremely tough and can take a whole lot of crashing as you learn to fly. (That's inevitable with any drone.) This one may just spoil you for other drones.
Is It Fun?
Well, beyond the fun of flying, of course, what makes this drone so much fun is how easy it is to operate and how satisfying it to do the tricks. Making drone flying frustration free is one of the key advantages of the advanced technology. While we thought the original Sky Rocket drones were pretty great, this one represents the fourth generation of the technology, and that means advances that were almost unimaginable in a toy drone just a year ago. 
Who It’s For
This drone is recommended for players ages 8 years and up. It's great for novices as they learn to master the controls, but it's also highly satisfying for more experienced flyers. Definitely a great choice for family fun, too. Everyone is going to want a turn!
What To Be Aware Of
Because of the comparative lightweight of the drone, no FAA registration is required. You don't often see this level of performance in drones that don't require that, so that's a plus and positions this as a toy drone. 

The company says that this can be used indoors or outdoors. However, for best results, especially for people just learning to fly, you're going to want a lot of space to maneuver. If you have that inside, then go for it. Most people, though, will find this much more satisfying to play with outdoors. 

The box includes extra copter blades and a USB charger cord.

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