Galaxy Zega X-Base Review (Zega)

Galaxy Zega X-Base
What It Is

Have you ever played that old Atari Game Combat? Well, Smartx Network Technology Company took that game off the screen and dropped it into your home in a super-fast, fun and customizable game. Combining a free mobile app and bluetooth linkable mini tanks, Galaxy Zega lets up to four players battle in a variety of ways.

While you'll need to purchase a Galaxy Zega Starter Kit with tanks and track tile pieces to use the X-bases, you'll find these $29.99 pieces enhance the gameplay well beyond their price.

Each light-up X-base pieces can be inserted into tiles that offer weapon, speed and armor boosts when you drive over them. And when you purchase two or more, you can unlock different game functions like capture the flag.

This adds a new element of fun and expands the playability of the base game exponentially.

Is It Fun?

Galaxy Zega is fun with just the starter kit since it has multiple pieces, a customizable nature and the fact that these tanks can drive on and over pretty much anything. Adding X-bases increase the fun factor by unlocking capture the flag and enhancing basic battle play with speed, weapons and armor boosts.

Who It’s For

Galaxy Zega is pretty much for anyone who has a smartphone, likes competitive play and likes having fun. Unlike most electronic toys and games, the integration of the app gives a real open-ended play that will keep kids and adults interested for a long time. That said, the X-bases are not stand-alone pieces and are intended for those who already own Galaxy Zega.

What To Be Aware Of

While the X-bases have an MSRP of $29.99 each, the starter kit is $149.99. While the price may seem high when everything is combined,the game itself and the fact that the X-bases unlock new features, offer more play value than the cost of the toy.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy