Care Bears Love-A-Lot Bear Review (Just Play)

Care Bears Love-A-Lot Bear
What It Is
Here we have Care Bear and Cousins - an extended line of care bears with new friends who are not even bears. We have Bright Heart Raccoon, Love-a-Lot Bear, Brave Heart Lion, and Grumpy Bear. Each of these are sold separately. The Care Bears and Cousins are about seven-inch soft toys with each of their special graphics embroidered onto their bellies. The happy-go-lucky and most caring Care Bear of all, Love-a-Lot Bear is always trying to help someone in need and uses the word "love" like it's going out of style. Love-a-Lot Bear is pink with red and pink hearts with pink and yellow outlines.
Is It Fun?
The Care Bears have become a cornerstone of childhoods, and it's easy to see why. Their cute and fluffy features are ideal for anyone who likes teddy bears and the symbols on their tummies help kids figure out their personalities early on. Each of these are soft and cuddly, and, would be great take-along companions for kids. Kids can collect them all to roleplay, recreate stories from the Care Bears shows, or come up with their own stories. Love-a-Lot Bear comes in a fun size, making her easy for transport or display, and she makes for a great cuddle time/bedtime toy for small children.
Who It’s For
These cute and soft stuffed animals are excellent additions to any Care Bears collection and will appeal to children immediately. Adult Care Bears fans will feel nostalgic and possibly inclined to pick one up for their kids, grandkids, nieces, and/or nephews. These will also appeal to teddy bear enthusiasts. The Care Bears and Cousins from Just Play are each sold separately and are for ages 2 and up.
What To Be Aware Of
The Care Bears and Cousins dolls are seven inches tall and are based on the characters from the various shows and film within the bears 30 plus year history. They're super soft and make great take-along companions as well as cuddle buddies. Each of these can be spot-cleaned only. Each of the four Care Bears and Cousins dolls feature a unique pattern on their bellies and are sold separately.
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  • Huggability

  • Assembly & Instructions

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