Hashtagit Game Review (Endless Games)

Hashtagit Game
What It Is

Hashtagit! is a new adult party game from Endless Games that capitalizes on the popular social media craze of the hashtag. Hashtagit! is a game much in the style of Cards Against Humanity, but instead of throwing down words to fill in the blanks, players are dealt hands of seven hashtag cards to essentially caption 144 wild and silly photo cards. The hashtags aren't always offensive unless paired with the right, or oh so wrong, photo. 

To play, each round is given a judge. The first judge is determined by the person that either still refers to the hashtag as the "pound symbol" or is the player most likely to make the best TV game show host (rules are rules!). In each round, the judge reveals the top picture card from the pile. Remaining players place their best hashtag card facedown. The round's judge then selects the winning hashtag for the round after reading them aloud. The winning player is awarded the photo card for the round. Play continues until one player gains seven photo cards to win the game.  

Is It Fun?
As anyone knows the right use of a hashtag can make or break any photo and this game plays into the fun of that with images--while graphic and bizarre at times-- that are pretty entertaining. We also like that there is a lot of repeat value to the game, and you never know what kind of hashtag someone might throw down. 
Who It’s For
Hashtagit! is anADULT party game for ages 18 and up. Its content is not suitable for younger players. Keep in mind though even when playing with other adults this game still has content that some players might find offensive, so it's not for everyone. This is a game you'll want to break out with your closest friends that share your sense of dirty sense of humor and gauge your audience for those that may be easily offended. 
What To Be Aware Of
This game is for adult audiences only. Content is not appropriate for those under the age of 18.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy