Air Hogs X-Stream Video Drone Review (Spin Master)

Air Hogs X-Stream Video Drone
What It Is

Get a drone's eye view in real time with the Air Hogs X-Stream Video Drone from Spin Master. Air Hogs can be very hit or miss for us, but we're overall very impressed and excited by the X-Stream Video Drone. Starting with the design, it looks great. What we appreciate is that it's a little heavier than its many competitors. What this means is that, while still light enough to be classified as a toy, it is less susceptible to wind. The X-Stream has dispensed with the traditional R/C altogether in favor of a Smartphone app. That's not so unusual these days, but what's cool is that the X-Stream app is streaming a feed from the drone's camera that becomes the backdrop for your controls. Choose conventional two-joystick control or tap the gyro button, which uses your phones accelerometer to steer the drone. 

Is It Fun?
The X-Stream is a cool concept that works decent once you get the hang of it. It won't take too long to figure out but there is definitely a learning curve to the X-Stream. You can also record and share your flights on the app, which is definitely something all drone fans will love. 
Who It’s For
Intended for kids over 10, the X-Stream Video Drone is powered by a rechargeable battery (you're responsible for charging your own Smartphone). This is something all drone users are going to want to check out, especially for the recording and steering functions.
What To Be Aware Of
There are a few downsides. We imagine this will be fixed, but the in-app trim controls (the adjustment you can make in case your drone tends to pull a little forward or to the right) crash the app every time. It's also very difficult to really control the drone if you're watching the screen. We imagine it's possible with practice, but, while it seems to be intuitive, it's anything but. If  you have a tendency for motion sickness or vertigo, it's better not to keep your eyes on the screen. Still, this is a solid little drone that's super fun to fly and fairly easy to master.  The Air Hogs X-Stream Video Drone includes a removable crash frame, USB charging cable, instruction guide, and spare rotors.
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