Marvel Avengers Jumbo Iron Man Review (Just Play)

Marvel Avengers Jumbo Iron Man
What It Is

Some of your favorite Marvel superheroes have super powers and super size with the Jumbo Captain America, Jumbo Iron Man, and Jumbo Hulk. These soft action figures stand 30-inches tall. Marvel superhero fans will like that all three action figures are dressed like their signature characters from the comic books and movies with plastic heads and soft, fabric bodies. Each one is sold separately.

Jumbo Iron Man wears a plastic red-and-yellow helmet with a soft red uniform that has fabric shoulder pieces and an embroidered Arc Reactor.

Jumbo Captain America wears a plastic headpiece with an “A” on the front, and a red, white, and blue bodysuit with brown utility belt, red gloves, and red boots. There is a white star on the front of his uniform. The plush action figure is stuffed in such a way as to make it look like it has muscles.

Jumbo Hulk has a plastic head with the character's signature angry face on it. The soft green body is stuffed to give the action figure's muscle some definition, and the action figure wears purple cut-off pants.

Is It Fun?
Fans of The Avengers and Marvel superheroes will really like the large size of these soft action figures. Younger fans will like being able to cuddle up with their favorite superhero at naptime or bedtime, and then go on all sorts of imaginative superhero adventures with these soft action figures. And because the action figures are soft, with the exception of their plastic heads, kids can swing them around without doing much damage. We also think the large size of these action figures might be appealing to older Marvel fans and collectors who will enjoy collecting these favorite characters in a new look and size.
Who It’s For

Jumbo Iron Man is for Iron Man fans ages 3 and up. Fans will really like cuddling up to this soft version of the superhero. It makes a fun cuddle buddy at naptime or bedtime, plus a fun toy that kids can take with them on all sorts of imaginative superhero adventures. Older Marvel fans and collectors may also like collecting these large versions of their favorite superheroes.

What To Be Aware Of
These soft action figures are surface washable only.
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