Barbie Tablet Powered by nabi Review (Mattel)

Barbie Tablet Powered by nabi
What It Is

The Barbie Tablet powered by nabi is part of a new line of children's tablets from Mattel, featuring branded content. This specific tablet taps into the world of Barbie with content that follows the Barbie mantra that you can be anything you want to be, just like Barbie. Be a fashion designer or create superhero comic strips featuring a super heroine Barbie, or simply join Barbie through classic game play and activities. There is also preloaded content from the nabi library such as educational content from the Wings Learning System and creative content from the nabi Dream Pro Studio.

As part of the Powered by nabi line, this tablet features a seven-inch, high-resolution multi-touch screen with a quad-core mobile processor, one GB RAM, and 16 GB storage. Additional features include a front- and rear-facing camera, a Barbie-approved hot pink protective bumper, and Barbie-themed wallpapers and sound effects. The tablet runs on nabi's BLUE Morpho OS with more than 400 kid-friendly digital experiences. 

Is It Fun?
Barbie has always been about inspiring her fans to be anything they want to be, with a particular emphasis on getting them to push their creativity to new heights. This tablet encourages that creativity with fun themed apps to engage with and bonus educational content that parents can feel good about. 
Who It’s For
For little kids begging for their own first tablet to play with, nabi is a strong compromise, while not comprising on educational benefits. The Barbie Tablet powered by nabi is for ages 4 and up. It will especially appeal to Barbie fans with its Barbie graphics and themed look, but grown-up feel. Parents will also like that it's a tablet that can grow with their child. 
What To Be Aware Of

All Powered by nabi tablets feature COPPA-compliant programs, so parents can feel good about passing over the tablet to their kids. However, this tablet can also access the Google Play store in parent mode if parents wish to upload additional apps and content to the device. This additional content may not be COPPA-compliant so pay close attention to what is added to your child's library. nabi suggests that parents always review apps in parent mode before uploading them into your child's profile. Apps can also be added or removed on your child's profile in mommy mode. Here parents can also manage and monitor multiple profiles for all this kids in your household. nabi Coins is also a digital currency parents can purchase and use as motivation to get kids to complete chores, learning lessons, and more.

As with any electronic device, these devices should always be viewed as extra tools in your child's toy box. So review the content they are engaging with, limit their viewing time, and interact with your child during play. While the helpful mommy mode on the nabi tablets certainly makes this easier to do (especially for younger kids engaging with the Fisher-Price tablet), observing and engaging with your kids helps to further reinforce their fine motor skill development and foster their understanding of cause and effect through play.

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