Fisher-Price Learning Tablet Powered by nabi Review (Mattel)

Fisher-Price Learning Tablet Powered by nabi
What It Is

The Powered by nabi Fisher-Price Learning Tablet is part of a new line of kids' tablets from Mattel. The tablet features a seven-inch, multi-touch high-resolution screen with a quad-core mobile processor, 16 GB storage capacity, and one GB ram. It also features a front- and rear-facing camera, plus a protective blue bumper to shield it from any bumps or bruises it might take on. 

The tablet runs on nabi's BLUE Morpho OS, which features more than 400 digital experiences for kids to explore. This includes the classic nabi Dream Pro Studio for young artists, the Wings Learning System Pre-K and Kindergarten content, Storybook Rhymes Vol. 1-6, and things like nabi Coins, which are a digital currency parents can purchase and use as motivation to get kids to complete chores, learning lessons, and more. The tablet runs on a rechargeable battery.

The Fisher-Price tablet is fully loaded with educational content as part of Fisher-Price's Think & Learn line. Like the toy line, the tablet features Smart Stages content to grow with your child. It offers three levels of play, which parents can program by entering baby's age for automatic changes or by manually changing the levels based on your child's progress. Once little ones advance to level three, the camera is engaged to create a mirror for baby to practice things such as animal sounds. As a safety precaution, the camera does not record or take any images or video.

Parents and kids can also further customize the tablet with different wallpaper themes, sound effects, and added content. This tablet also comes with a protective cover which can be snapped onto the back of the tablet when in use or used as an added screen protector when not in use.

Is It Fun?

There is a lot for little ones to engage with in this tablet, by we like that in the Fisher-Price Learning tablet, the emphasis is kept on learning. All the content within this tablet is focused on honing your child's development, with teaching tips for parents within the lessons to further interact with your child. We also like that this tablet allows toddlers to engage with techie features like camera and video without actually taking pictures or recording them.

Who It’s For
The Fisher-Price Learning Tablet powered by nabi is for ages 4 and up from Mattel. This is a great beginner tablet for little kids looking to feel like the big kids with their own tech toy. But parents will appreciate that the focus of this tablet is on the learning and educational growth of their child. 
What To Be Aware Of

Powered by nabi tablets feature COPPA-compliant programs. However, parents may wish to upload additional apps to the device that may not necessarily meet these standards. nabi suggests that parents always review apps in parent mode before passing them off to your child. Parents can also add and delete apps from view on your child's profile, or create separate profiles on the device for use by multiple children. 

As with any electronic device, these devices should always be viewed as extra tools in your child's toy box. So review the content they are engaging with, limit their viewing time, and interact with your child during play. While the helpful mommy mode on the nabi tablets certainly makes this easier to do (especially for younger kids engaging with the Fisher-Price tablet), observing and engaging with your kids helps to further reinforce their fine motor skill development and foster their understanding of cause and effect through play.

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