nabi SE Tablet Review (Mattel)

nabi SE Tablet
What It Is

Give kids a tablet designed just for them with the nabi SE. This seven-inch Android tablet comes loaded with kid-friendly apps and educational content. In nabi Mode, kids can access kid-appropriate apps, games, e-books, and videos. But the password-protected Parent Mode offers a full Android experience with access to the parental controls, such as creating rules for when to power on and off the tablet, individual app usage time, physical play time, and Time Rewards that earn kids more play time by engaging in learning time. Parents can also download other parent-approved apps through Google Play.

In nabi Mode, one of the tablet's main features is the Wings Challenge app. This learning system turns math, reading, and writing into games. It offers 300,000 questions and 16,000 lessons for grades Pre-K through 6th grade with N-Site reports that give parents insight into their child's performance. All lessons are aligned to Common Core State Standards and can be customized based on your child's age and skill level. As kids play, they earn stars that can be converted to nabi Coins, digital currency that kids can use to purchase other kid-appropriate apps through the Treasure Box app.

There is also the nabi Konnect suite of apps that offer a parent-monitored social experience for kids. Kids can only connect with parent-approved friends using a unique friend code, and once connected, they can safely chat, send emails, and share photos. Or connect with grandma and grandpa through the free Android and iOS nabigator app.

And then there's Chore List, where kids can see what parent-created chores they must complete in order to earn nabi Coins. (Parents will need to purchase coins in order to reward coins to their kids.) With the Dream Pro Studio apps, kids can draw, make movies, and “publish” books. And there is a kid-safe web browser that only allows kids to visit parent-approved websites. Kids' favorite music can be uploaded to the tablet, and they can take photos and videos with the tablet's 0.3 MP front camera and 2 MP rear camera. And there are more than 20 other apps, games, and e-books pre-loaded onto the tablet.

And if you have multiple kids at home, they can all use the same nabi SE tablet thanks to the tablet's ability to allow multiple user profiles. The Chore List and Time Controls can also be customized for each child.

The nabi SE runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the Blue Morpho OS overlay and comes with 16 GB of built-in memory. There is a micro SD card slot if you'd like to expand that memory up to 32 GB. It has a seven-inch touchscreen and 1 GB of RAM. There's also a headphone jack for quiet play. And the tablet comes with a red bumper to protect the tablet from bumps and drops as your child plays with it.

Is It Fun?
This tablet is a nice combination of a real-tablet experience for kids and a kid-safe tablet experience for kids. It provides kids with a tablet that operates just like the one Mom and Dad use complete with all of kids' favorite app games and more. There's a lot of content built into this tablet, from the educational Wings Challenge to the creative fun of the Dream Pro Studio, and kids will like playing, discovering, learning, and chatting with friends and family. It's easy for kids to use, and it's easy for parents to control how kids use it to ensure a safe play experience.
Who It’s For
The nabi SE is for ages 6 and up. For any kid who likes playing with a parent's tablet, this offers his or her own tablet experience. And because it's an Android tablet, the interface is going to be familiar to kids, and parents can still download some of the apps that their child likes playing thanks to access to Google Play. But it's more than just playing games. The educational content and variety of parental controls ensure that kids are learning as they play and not spending too much time glued to the tablet's screen.
What To Be Aware Of

The nabi SE comes with the seven-inch tablet with red bumper case, a power adapter, a USB cable, and a product information guide. 

This tablet runs on a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. 

This tablet is available exclusively at Walmart and the online nabi Shop (

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