Neon Viper Scooter Review (Yvolution)

Neon Viper Scooter
What It Is

Add some flare to your next scooter ride with the Neon Viper scooter. Available in red or blue, this scooter lights up while you ride. It's got a high-performance super-grip deck for stability while riding, and the deck also lights up if you press the button underneath the deck. There are three light-up options: solid glow, lights that slowly fade in and out, or blinking lights. Switch through the three light options by pressing the button until the desired light option begins. Whichever light option you choose, the scooter will stay lit for about one minute. Just press the button again to start up the lights.

Aside from the light-up deck, there are other features of this scooter, like its lightweight frame, three-position adjustable handlebar, textured handlebar grips, and a rear brake for stopping.

Is It Fun?
It may look like a basic scooter, but the light-up feature is a fun added bonus. Kids who like riding scooters will find that this one is easy to ride, with a sturdy deck and handlebars that can be customized for the height of the child. Whether just scooting around or trying to do cool tricks on the scooter, this light-up scooter is definitely going to look cool as kids ride. It's a good scooter for beginners as well as for kids who already know how to ride a scooter.
Who It’s For
The Neon Viper scooter is for ages 5–9 with a maximum weight limit of 110 pounds. Kids who like riding scooters will enjoy the ease of use of this scooter. Its deck is sturdy, its handlebars are easy to grip, and the handlebars can be adjusted to the height of the rider for a comfortable ride. The light-up feature of the deck is just an added bonus that is going to look cool while kids ride.
What To Be Aware Of

The Neon Viper comes with two AA batteries.

Adult assembly is required and was easy to do.

Kids should always wear a helmet and other safety gear when riding this scooter.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AAA batteries required