Suicide Squad Killer Croc Adult Costume Review (Rubies Costumes)

Suicide Squad Killer Croc Adult Costume
What It Is

Killer Croc is a mutated, crocodilian villain from the DC Comics universe, and an antihero in Suicide Squad. The character is also a somewhat creepy new costume for Halloween. The Killer Croc Deluxe Adult Costume from Rubie's Costume Company, is an officially licensed costume of the DC Comics character, Killer Croc, as he was depicted in the 2016 blockbuster movie, Suicide Squad. The Rubie's costume kit includes the Killer Croc Mask, a Jacket with Hoodie, and Gloves. The costume jacket is made of polyester, but recreates the leather jacket that Waylon Jones, a.k.a., Killer Croc, wears in the movie. The hoodie has a soft, velour-like feel to it, and is attached to the jacket, which makes the jacket and hoodie one piece of clothing that the wearer pulls on, over their head. The Killer Croc mask looks like the mutated character's scaly skin, and is a separate mask piece that is not attached to the hoodie. The mask has a large slit in the back with ties to hold it onto the wearer's head. The gloves are hand wraps that look like gauze wrapped around the wearer's hand, however, they pull on like gloves. 

Is It Fun?

This movie-realistic costume comes with everything needed to dress up as the Suicide Squad character. The mask can also be worn on its own, to create a custom Killer Croc look. 

Who It’s For
The Killer Croc Deluxe Adult Costume is for fans of the movie, Suicide Squad, and the DC Comics character, Killer Croc. This costume comes in three sizes that include Adult Medium, Standard Adult, and XL. 
What To Be Aware Of

In addition to the three sizes the deluxe costume is available in, there is also a Plus Size version, with some subtle differences. has a size chart that helps you figure out which size is best for you. 

This is an easy costume to put on and take off--so getting ready for a party or trick or treating shouldn't take more than a few minutes. 

The mask has air holes to breath through, however, it does not have an opening mouth, which means it will have to be taken off if the wearer wants to eat or drink. Also, the rubber-like mask gets hot, and muggy inside the mask, especially if worn indoors. 

  • Quality

  • Comfort

  • Ease of Dressing