Suicide Squad The Joker Adult Costume Review (Rubies Costumes)

Suicide Squad The Joker Adult Costume
What It Is
Rubie's Costumes can make you look like the infamous DC Comics villain, The Joker, but you will have to supply your own insane laugh to really sell it. The Deluxe Adult Joker Costume and Adult Joker Wig, from Rubie's Costume Company, is an officially licensed costume and wig that are based on the DC Comics character, The Joker, and how he appeared in the hit 2016 movie, Suicide Squad. The Adult Joker Costume includes the Joker's trench coat with an attached shirt. The trench coat is the long purple coat that looks like alligator skin style fabric that has been died purple. This costume version of The Joker's coat is polyester. The coat has a large collar that stands up, and buttons down the lower front. The included shirt is attached to the inside of the trench coat, and is designed to recreate The Joker's tattooed chest. The shirt's tattoos include a skull with jester's hat on one side of the chest, and the word “ha”, printed multiple times on the other side. The word, “Joker” is printed across the stomach. The shirt also has several large necklaces printed on it. The Adult Joker Wig is The Joker's iconic green hair in a slicked back style. 
Is It Fun?
The character, The Joker, is an unhinged lunatic in the movie, Suicide Squad, which is brought to life by the actor, Jared Leto. Rubie's version of the character is a movie-realistic costume that recreates the basic look of the Joker in Suicide Squad. Anyone that wears this costume to a party will be instantly recognized as the Suicide Squad version of The Joker, as compared to the popular and familiar Heath Ledger take on the character in The Dark Knight. This costume could also be the starting point for a more elaborate and homemade Joker outfit, which includes make-up and accessories. 
Who It’s For
The Deluxe Adult Joker costume is for fans of Suicide Squad and The Joker. The costume is available in three sizes, which include Adult Medium, Standard Adult, and XL.
What To Be Aware Of

There is also a Plus Size version of this costume that includes pants, however, there are no pants included with the Deluxe Joker Costume in this review. The Joker wig is one size fits all. has a size chart that helps you figure out what size is best for you. 

Putting the Joker costume on and taking it off is as easy as putting the shirt on. 

The wig and costume are not sold together. These are two separate Joker costume items from Rubie's Costume Company. Each is sold separately. 

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