Play-Doh Burger Barbecue Review (Hasbro)

Play-Doh Burger Barbecue
What It Is
Grill up some fun with the Play-Doh Burger Barbecue set. This very classic Play-Doh set comes with five cans of Play-Doh (red, yellow, light brown, dark brown, and green), a barbecue grill mold, an extruder tool, a spatula, a knife, a roller, and two plates. With the grill, open it up, place some Play-Doh inside, and close it again to mold burger buns and patties, mushrooms, onions, and hot dogs. On the top of the grill, you'll find even more food molds for making a slide of watermelon, a lettuce leaf, pickles, two sizes of onion rings, and a tomato slice. The extruder has three options for making French fries and pretend condiments. And don't forget to roll out some squares of cheese. Make a single, double, or triple burger, top it with whatever you want, and then serve up your pretend burger on one of the plates.
Is It Fun?
Little cooks will like creating all sorts of unique burgers and hot dogs with this Play-Doh set. They can top their play food with whatever they want and even make a green hot dog or a yellow lettuce leaf if they want. The meal is all up to kids' imaginations! This playset just engages kids in some classic Play-Doh play. It's all about getting creative, and kids who like playing with Play-Doh and playing with play food will have a lot of fun with this cute set. The pretend food looks good enough to eat, but remember, Play-Doh is not to be consumed.
Who It’s For
The Play-Doh Burger Barbecue set is for ages 3 and up. Kids who like playing with Play-Doh and who like playing with pretend food will like the combination of both types of play together in one creative set. This is just classic Play-Doh play that's all about getting creative, roleplaying being a barbecue chef, and using the imagination.
What To Be Aware Of

Even though this Play-Doh food looks delicious, do not eat it! Play-Doh should not be consumed.

Play-Doh contains wheat.

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