Hot Wheels Slot Car Track Set Review (Kidztech)

Hot Wheels Slot Car Track Set
What It Is
There's a new way to race with Hot Wheels thanks to the Hot Wheels Slot Car Track Set. This 39-piece track set comes with 35 pieces for building a figure-eight track, two 1:43-scale slot cars, and two handheld remotes. Once you assemble the track, attach the cars to the track by inserting each car's guide pin into the slot. There are two slots for each car. Then, pick up the remotes and press the triggers to start racing. Use the triggers to control the speed of the cars, and give the cars a boost by pressing the turbo booster button on the back of each remote. As the cars drive, their headlights light up. Be careful with the turbo booster button, though. Too much speed could send your car flying off the track.
Is It Fun?
This has the look of typical orange Hot Wheels track but the slots in the track mean it's a whole different race. It's easy to control the cars with the remotes, and kids will like competing to see who can get their car back to the finish line first. Or send the cars speeding around and around, giving them more and more speed as you go, to see which car loses control and pops off the track first. This track set offers classic Hot Wheels racing action to Hot Wheels fans.
Who It’s For
The Hot Wheels Slot Car Track Set is for ages 5 and up. It offers classic Hot Wheels racing action to Hot Wheels fans both young and old. The remotes are easy to use, which makes this slot car track set good for those who are new to slot car racing. For kids who like their toy cars to go fast, this will be a fun track set.
What To Be Aware Of
Assembly is required but is pretty easy to do. You'll need six AA batteries, which are not included. You can also run this track set on DC power if you want, but you'll need an adapter to do that, and an adapter is not included.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    6 AA batteries required