Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle Review (Hasbro)

Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle
What It Is
Create a world of sprinkles and swirls with the Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle playset. This colorful playset lets kids make ice cream sundaes out of Play-Doh, including confetti Play-Doh. You get six cans of Play-Doh: blue, orange, green, purple, white confetti, and yellow confetti. And on the playset, you'll find all the tools you need for making and decorating different ice cream creations. There are six ice cream discs that make a different shape come out when used with the swirl extruder. There is also a whipped cream extruder, and a sprinkles-maker. Plus, there are lots of molds all over the playset for decorating the ice cream sundaes with everything from Play-Doh candies to teddy bears and dinosaurs. There is also a roller for making a textured design in the Play-Doh. And you get five spoons, four dishes, and two cones for serving up your creations to family members and friends for some ice cream parlor roleplay.
Is It Fun?
The new confetti Play-Doh looks really cool, and kids are going to like molding, swirling, and sprinkling all sorts of ice cream creations with this playset. This is going to inspire lots of creative play as kids use all the different stations and molds to serve up pretend ice cream sundaes and ice cream cones. Kids will like the variety of decorating and creating options on this playset, and the sprinkly look of the confetti Play-Doh. For kids who like ice cream and playing with Play-Doh, this will be a very fun playset.
Who It’s For
The Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle is for ages 3 and up. For kids who like ice cream and playing with Play-Doh, this playset will be a fun way to inspire them to create some truly unique ice cream creations out of Play-Doh. They'll like all the extruder stations and decorating their creations with the vast majority of molds. Plus, the new confetti Play-Doh looks really cool.
What To Be Aware Of

Some assembly of the playset is required and is easy to do. It took us less than five minutes.

Even though these ice cream treats look yummy, it's recommended that you do not eat them.

Play-Doh contains wheat.

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    None or Very Easy