Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club 12 Pack Review (Moose Toys)

Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club 12 Pack
What It Is

Shopkins Season 6 brings you the cutest kitchen in town with The Chef Club. Each Shopkin in this season's line of more than 150 Shopkins is an ingredient in a recipe, or a limited-edition finished dish or utensil. They're grouped as Breakfast, Family Foods, Sweets, or Bakery Goods. The Shopkins Chef Club 12-Pack from Moose Toys includes 10 visible Shopkins, and two hidden Shopkins packaged in blind bags inside plastic recipe books. Our 12-pack includes 10 new Shopkins Pippa Lemon, Kane Sugar, Melissa Milk, Sam Soy, C Salt, Choc E. Tubs, Karen Carrot, Cassie Caster Sugar, Bridie Basil, and Charlie Cheese. The two remaining Shopkins in the recipe books are revealed in the video. A recipe card is also included as kids are encouraged to collect ingredients to create different recipes. This season has 18 fun recipes. An online component is also part of the line, as each Shopkin features a code to scan to unlock mystery dishes. 

Is It Fun?
Still as cute as Season 1 and all Seasons in between, Season 6 includes recipes, and an online component, which are fun new additions to the Shopkins world. Season 6 has over 150 new Shopkin characters, and offers collectibility and imaginative play to old fans and new collectors. The 12-pack offers the largest number of Shopkins available in one package. It's sure to be a hit with kids who want to collect as many as possible. With two hidden Shopkins, this set also offers kids the excitement and element of surprise in opening the blind bags to see which Shopkins they get. With a Shopkins movie also in the pipeline, the popularity of Shopkins will most likely continue to grow.
Who It’s For
The Shopkins Chef Club 12-Pack is for collectors and kids, ages 5 and up. It would also be a great first set for a child who is just beginning their collection. Kids can use the Shopkins as part of imaginative play on their own or with Shopkins play sets, sold separately. The Shopkins can also be put on display, traded, or used to create the recipes found on the included recipe cards or via the Chef Club app.
What To Be Aware Of
A free download for iOS and Android devices, the Shopkins Chef Club app was not available at the time of this review. The app can be used to unlock mystery recipes by scanning the codes featured on each of the more than 150 Shopkins in Season 6.

Season 6 also includes a 5-pack set, 2-packs, and playsets. Each is sold separately. 

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