Charm U Schoolhouse Playset and Charm Starter Set Review (Cepia )

Charm U Schoolhouse Playset and Charm Starter Set
What It Is

The Charm U Schoolhouse Playset and Charm Starter Set is part of Cepia's new line of wearable collectible characters. This playset is part of the series one collection. It includes one schoolhouse, eight charms, one bracelet, and one backpack. Use the playhouse to display all the characters, which also follow a school-related theme. Each character can be hooked onto the desks or played with down the slide or climbing the ladder. The included backpack hides a surprise character inside, and you won't know which character you've got until the big reveal. Open it up to reveal which character you get to add to your collection. 

Want to show off your Charm U fandom through fashion? Luckily each set comes with a charm bracelet, which you can use to attach all the Charm U characters to or swap them around to change up your look. Each Charm U character features a little clasp, which can be attached to the included link chain charm bracelets.

Is It Fun?
We like how this playset offers an additional way to play and display all your Charm u characters in one fun setting. Plus, with so many characters featuring a school-related theme to them it definitely adds to the fun and imaginative storylines kids can dream up. 
Who It’s For
The Charm U Schoolhouse Playset with Charm Starter Set is for ages 4 and up. It will appeal to kids just getting started with their Charm U collections as well as those who already have a lot of characters they want to play with as well as display in this big playset.
What To Be Aware Of
The Charm U Schoolhouse Playset with Charm Starter Set is just one of multiple other sets in the Series 1 collection, which also includes the nine-piece Starter set and the 5-piece Charm U Series 1 Fashion Wearables Refill pack.

Each set features characters that range in collectibility from Crystal Clear Editions to Glitter Editions to Rare. Sets also feature surprise characters hidden in every pack.

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