Sky Viper Hover Racer Review (Skyrocket Toys)

Sky Viper Hover Racer
What It Is
It was bound to happen. The world between real-world drone flight and racing apps has collided with the Sky Viper Hover Racer. Here's a quick rundown: The racer includes four numbered beacons that once set up, you arrange in a real-life outdoor course. Then use the free smart phone app to define the course and complete laps from beacon to beacon. Each time you fly over one of the beacons, the remote gives you a satisfying alert. When you launch the app, you can choose a time trial or race (at least in single-player mode). Then you tell the app which course you've set up in your park or yard and how many laps you want to fly. Then get flying. 
Is It Fun?
A quick disclaimer: According to the box you can network up to four apps, four racers, and 16 beacons. We weren't able to test that, but if the solo flight is any indicator, it'll be amazing. There are buttons on the R/C and sensors located on the drone itself that are designed to replicate laser fire to really up the stakes in a race. You'll obviously need a compatible smartphone, which will connect to the drone via Bluetooth. Make sure your battery is well charged before heading outside. We learned this the hard way. 
Who It’s For
It's recommended for kids over 12. R/C, drone, and racing fans will love the awesome features of the Sky Viper Hover Racer in all their flying, floating glory. The racing features are awesome and well worth trying out, even if you don't win your first batch of races. Worst case scenario, you can always practice alone with the beacons, or just simply fly the drone on its own.
What To Be Aware Of
The drone's hover is very good, especially outside. It is lightweight so it gets blown around a bit but that is easy to correct. You will want to have the recommended 10 plus paces between beacons, otherwise navigating through the beacons can be a little tough. The Sky Viper Hover Racer itself is powered by a rechargeable onboard battery, you will need 11 AAA batteries for the beacons and remote. 
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    11 AAA batteries required