Friendship Collar & Bracelet Review (Friendship Collar)

Friendship Collar & Bracelet
What It Is
The Friendship Collar is a wonderful way for people to show the world that their pets are their best friends.  Available in dog and cat versions, the Friendship Collars and Accessories are made from vegan leather, which is a fancy term for artificial leather. It is also PETA approved since all of the Friendship Collar products are ethically sourced and are made 100 percent cruelty free. These collars have brightly colored designs to match any personality. The dog collars are adorned with

gold-plated buckle closures and the cat collars feature safety break-away clasps. Both dog and cat collars have gold-plated D-rings as stylish accents for leash or charm attachments. The Friendship Collars are soft but seem to be sturdy enough for everyday use. However, the best part about the Friendship Collar is the matching bracelet that comes with it. The folks at Friendship Collar think best friends should match so you and your dog (or cat) can share the same fashionable designs on a daily basis. The Friendship Collar also offers matching leashes and extra collars if you have more than one pet you'd like to share this with.  

Why Is It Useful?
These fun and funky collars can be used just like any other collar.  They seem to be sturdy enough to use daily. 
Who It’s For
The Friendship Collars come in multiple sizes and should be good for any size dog. The folks at Friendship Collars claim they can fit any dog from Chihuahua to Newfoundland. This would also be a great gift for hardcore pet parents who are over the moon about their dogs or cats.
What To Be Aware Of
Extra collars are available should you have more than one pet. Matching leashes are also available to round out the ensemble. The company says that these products were made 100 percent cruelty free.
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