Grand Luxe Kitchen Review (Step2)

Grand Luxe Kitchen
What It Is

The Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen is no basic stove-and-sink setup, this is a play kitchen with all the deluxe options straight out of an HGTV renovation show. It's even got a farmhouse sink. Think of it as your aspiring culinary whiz kid's first modern gourmet kitchen. The kitchen features pretend stainless steel appliances to complete the setup from the oven to the microwave to the refrigerator. Kids will want to emulate mom and dad in the kitchen and this playset certainly packs the same type of kitchen features that their parents might crave. 

Let's face it, kids have probably heard the term “granite counter tops” and “mosaic backsplash” a dozen or so times by the time they're 3 years old. Kids can pretend to cut and dice all the pretend foods they like on their own faux granite counter tops. Another great feature is the luxury window fridge and stove, which kids can peer through to decide what to make for dinner and then watch their pretend meals roast to perfection in the oven. These features are also brought to life with magic sound effects. For example, use the magic stove burner to pop popcorn on your stove top, or make your blender spin to life.

Is It Fun?
What really makes this playset deluxe are all the additional accessories for imaginative play. There are lots of accessories to spark your little chef's culinary adventures. From essential pots and pans for cooking to a Keurig-style coffee maker to kick-start their day and cupcakes that they can pretend to cook up for dessert, this has it all. Kids can even pretend to snap a foodie photo of their pretend culinary creations with the included pretend phone. Don't forget about cleanup. Kids will actually want to do the dishes with this playset. Head to the sink to use the pretend pull-out sprayer to clean off the dishes. All the push to activate features makes it very easy for kids to engage with this kitchen and bring the kitchen magic to life. 
Who It’s For
It's obvious this playset has a lot to offer, which makes also makes it great for multiple kids to play with together and interact. While the playset will certainly require a sizable play area to house it, parents will appreciate that it has lots of storage so everything can be contained within the playset itself. Overall, this is a kitchen that even mom and dad will envy for its features. The Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen is for ages 2 and up.
What To Be Aware Of
The Grand Luxe Kitchen has a plethora of features, accessories, and storage. Just like any deluxe kitchen, it also has a very hefty price tag to match. It is large, so lots of play space will be needed to use and store the kitchen playset. It requires five AA batteries and six AAA batteries for electronic features, which are not included.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    5 AA & 6 AAA batteries required