View-Master National Geographic Dinosaurs Review (Mattel)

View-Master National Geographic Dinosaurs
What It Is
Sold separately from the View-Master Deluxe VR Viewer, this pack uses its own app. Each of these View-Master apps are a substantial download so you'll have to be on WiFi. It's very cool. You can interact with the dinosaurs, explore their world, and even play games where you control the dinos as they complete various quests. 

In order to get this working, first you'll need to download the app, which is specific to this pack. Instructions are not entirely clear, but once you figure them out, slide your smartphone into the VR viewer and select which disc you'd like to play by placing it in front of you. As soon as you select which world you'd like to be transported to, prepare for a trip to the stone age!

Is It Fun?
It felt like a learning game to us, although not the most exciting. Getting the dinosaurs to complete objectives was a neat experience, but there are some things that need to be worked out (somehow our triceratops wound up dying after a graphically awkward run-in with a brontosaurus).  All of this left us missing our favorite View-Master slides from our childhood and the feeling that as cool as high-tech gadgets are, sometimes low-tech are just as satisfying and far less frustrating. Still, there's really been a lot of research, time, and money being poured into this new generation of View Master, we just don't think it's quite there yet.
Who It’s For
It works pretty well, although kids used to more sophisticated video games will not be very impressed. The View-Master National Geographic Dinosaurs pack is for ages 7 and up. It's something adults will see at a store and pick up for their kids out of nostalgia, especially if their kids are into dinosaurs (let's face it, what kid isn't into dinosaurs?). When they finally get the hang of the app, they'll find helping their dino buddies out to be cool, and probably get the same learning game vibe that we did.
What To Be Aware Of
The View-Master Dinosaurs pack takes time to figure out, and the instructions aren't clear. It's fine once you get the ball rolling, but the rare bug may pop up once in a blue moon. Like every View-Master expansion pack, it's sold separately from the View-Master itself. Included with the National Geographic dinosaur pack is one reel and one user guide. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.
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    Medium Difficulty