Playtime Gift Pack Review (Playgro)

Playtime Gift Pack
What It Is

Stimulate baby's senses with a variety of different toys that all come in one pack with the Playtime Gift Pack. This includes 10 developmental toys with vibrant colors, multiple textures, and sounds. 

The Teething Blankie has a teether on one corner and a soft elephant head with crinkle ears protruding from the center of the blanket. There are two clacker rings around the elephant's trunk. The mini blankie has a black-and-white checkered border with four colorful panels in the center.

There are three Teething Rattle Keys all connected on a black-and-white ring. Each colorful key is labeled 1, 2, and 3, and offers a texture to soothe sore gums.

The Chewable Teether Links are brightly colored circles and triangles with different textures and patterns that all fit around a big orange ring. The teether links can be removed from the ring.

The Tinkle Trio of stroller accessories is a set of three soft animals (dog, duck, and cow) that make a tinkling bell sound when shaken. Each animal has a star-shaped loop on its head to make it easy to attach the animal to the bar or canopy of a stroller or car seat.

The Pooky Puppy can also be attached to a stroller thanks to its stretchy hook. This soft dog has clacker rings on its collar, crinkle ears, and floppy legs. Pull the dog's tail to watch the doll shake.

For play at home, there's the Loopy Loop Book, a soft book with tabs for babies to pull on each page. Each page also has a different image on it (lion, elephant, giraffe, hedgehog, snail, and cloud) with one page making a squeaking sound when babies squeeze it.

The Twizzle Stick Tiger flops around as babies shake it. It also makes a rattle sound and has colorful ribbons for babies to pull on its bottom.

And the Hoopla toy has plastic rings and fabric crinkle rings on it. Each plastic ring has one or two clacker rings going around it so that the toy makes a rattling sound when babies shake it.

Is It Fun?
There is a lot in this gift set to stimulate a baby's senses through sound, sight, and touch. And with the variety of different toys, there will be a lot for babies to explore and play with as they grow. Plus, all the teethers will come in handy to soothe sore gums when a baby starts teething. This makes a really nice gift set to give to new parents because it's got all the basic “new baby” toys.
Who It’s For
The Playtime Gift Pack is for babies ages birth to 24 months. All of the toys in this set use sight, sound, and texture to stimulate a baby's senses. These are your basic “new baby” toys, which means this set would be a nice gift for new parents.
What To Be Aware Of
The soft toys in this set are surface washable only.
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