Juke24 Review (Hamilton Buhl)

What It Is

If your child is constantly asking to hear a story read over and over or to hear a song played again and again, the Juke24 makes it easy for kids to listen to those favorites with just the push of a button. This portable, digital jukebox and media player puts kids in control of enjoying their favorite stories, music, and more. It holds up to 48 hours  (4GB) of any audio content, and it's easy for parents to upload music, books, stories, podcasts, and webcasts to the Juke24 from almost any device: a USB flash drive, a computer, a CD, a smartphone, or a tablet. You simply insert the device that has the audio you want on it into the appropriate spot on the side of the Juke24 or, in the case of a CD, on the back. Press the “source” button until the source of your audio appears on the digital display, pull up your desired audio file on your device, hit “record” on the Juke24, press one of the 24 memory buttons to record to, press play on your device, and voila, you're recording. You can also record your own voice or the voice of a grandparent, for instance, reading your child's favorite story or singing a lullaby using the included microphone. Playback is as easy as pressing a memory button and pressing “play”. Kids can even sing along to the music by singing into the microphone. 

To make it easy to remember which memory button plays what audio, the instruction booklet includes a page of templates so you can draw and cut out your own labels for each button. You can also download the free Juke24 iPhone app to design your own button labels that get saved to your phone's gallery so you can print them and cut them out.

The Juke24 comes with a microphone, an AC adapter, and a standard audio cable. It comes in pink, red (the color in our video review), or black.

Is It Fun?
This is a very cool device that lets kids easily have their favorite stories and songs with them wherever they go and whenever they want to listen to them. It's very easy for parents to use, and they can re-program any of the memory buttons at any time with new audio content. Plus, it's easy for little kids to use. But this is more than just an easy way to keep kids' favorite audio content on hand. If your child has a favorite story that she only likes grandpa to read to her but grandpa lives far away, record grandpa reading that story and then use the Juke24 to play back that audio so your child can follow along with the story and hear grandpa's voice. We should also mention that the recording and play-back audio quality is really good.
Who It’s For
The Juke24 is for ages 2 and up. Young kids are probably going to need help from mom or dad to operate this device, but older kids will have no problem pressing the memory button they want and then pressing play. This is a neat way to keep all of a child's favorite stories and songs in one place so that the child can listen to them any time and anywhere.
What To Be Aware Of

The Juke24 requires six C batteries, which are not included. It does include an AC adapter if you want to power it by plugging it into a wall outlet.

The Juke24 app is only available for iPhones running iOS 8.0 or later.

  • Quality

  • Performance

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    6 C batteries required